Snack Menu

Bright Stars serves morning and afternoon snack.  We serve only organic milk and organic juice.  Our menu includes organic foods when available.  Here is a sample of some of  the menu items:

Horizon Organic milk and Cheese sticks

Silk Almond milk

Earth’s Pride Organics juice

Stoneyfield Organic Smoothies and yogurt

Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries and Gluten Free Bars

Healthy Helpings Raisins and Applesauce

Graham Crackers with Almond Butter

Vegetables with Hummus or Ranch dip

Fruit, fresh, fruit cups, or dried

Fresh baked muffins and breads

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Pirates’ Booty

Nutrigrain Cereal bars


Bacon, pancakes, waffles, french toast sticks

……And more!

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