Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what our parents have to say:

“Miss Linda and Miss Melissa provided a wonderful environment for the start of my children’s education.  They were both warm and nurturing. Both of my children were able to come into their own, interact with other children, and begin to learn the basic fundamentals of education. I certainly would recommend Bright Stars Preschool to anyone interested in providing a great start for their children!” – Jacqueline S.

“Bright Stars was highly recommended to us. Both personally and professionally, we have been extremely happy with Melissa and Linda. They have provided a structured and nurturing environment for our children. As parents we are confident and comfortable with the people [our children] are with, as well as the setting they are in. It is reassuring to know that they are safe and well cared for throughout the day. From the beginning, Bright Stars set clear expectations. At home, we have seen our children develop in many ways as a result of the work of Bright Stars. As a testament to their work ethic and solid reputation they have been able to achieve their goal of opening Bright Stars Preschool. We are in full support of this as [our daughter] will be starting upon the opening of the preschool and [our son] when he’s a bit older.”- Amelia S.

“Melissa and Linda have been so wonderful with our daughter….they hold a great schedule for the kids and my child has prospered from the fun and structured environment”- Pam L.

“My children have been with Bright Stars since the beginning.  The open communication between the teachers and parents is key to helping our kids succeed.  My children have thrived under their care and tutelage.  I cannot thank them enough for the love and support they have given to my family” – Michelle B.

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