Current rates for 2013-2014 school year:

Full time, year round program

Preschool (ages 2.9-3.11 years)


Two days: $140
Three Days: $180
Four Days: $210
Five Days: $250

Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4-5 years)


Two days:  $130
Three days: $170
Four Days: $200
Five Days: $240

Short Day, School Year Program (8:30-3:00 pm, follows the Easton Public Schools Calendar)


Preschool: Ages 2.9-3.11 yrs
2 Days $280
3 Days $420
4 Days $560
5 Days $700

Pre-Kindergarten: Ages 4-5 yrs
2 Days $270
3 Days $405
4 Days $540
5 Days $675

School Age, grades K-2

(Moreau Hall students only, transportation provided by Easton Public Schools.  Please see Programs page for details)

Before School, $12 per day
After School, $18 per day
Half Days: $25 per day
School vacation week, $40 per day

Rates will be increasing for September 2015

Note about rates:  Bright Stars provides two snacks and spends extra funds on buying Organic, fresh, and healthy items.  The school also purchases the full season organic CSA from Langwater Farm and gives the harvest directly to it’s families at no extra cost.  There are only two classrooms and the ratios are low, 1:5 for most of the day.

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