Bright Stars Preschool seeks to provide working families with a preschool setting with full time daycare hours.

Students are assigned to one of two classrooms, but have the opportunity to interact with the entire school at times.

Preschool classroom:  Capacity of 5 students, ages 2.9-3.11 years

Pre-Kindergarten classroom:  Capacity of 10 students, ages 4- 5 years

Full day, Year Round:  Students age 2.9-5 years attend any number of days between the hours of 7:30-5:30 pm.  Full day students attend year round.  Bright Stars provides morning snack, afternoon snack, and an afternoon rest period.  Parents send in lunch.  Full day students enjoy periods of free play alternated with circle time, story time, outdoor play or exercise,  and other teacher directed curriculum activities.





2 thoughts on “Programs

  1. Hi. My son is 3 years 3 months old. Looking to enroll him in a part time preschool type setting. Any openings for this 2 days per week?


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