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Langwater Farm CSA starts in May.  Schedule a tour today!  (508) 238-4571 or fill out the information below to be contacted by email.

Enrolling:  Immediate full/part time preschool slots, K-2 Summer, and September preschool (2.9-5 years). 

Organic Menu Offerings Included  Two snacks included with organic milk or juice.  The menu features as many organic items as possible.  Snack Menu

Cozy Environment  Bright Stars Preschool has retained the charm of the original house, providing children with a cozy, home like feeling.  The classrooms are small and have a limited capacity, providing your child with more individualized attention yet still benefiting from the socialization of a group experience.  Photos

Owner Operated  Melissa DePasquale, M.Ed is the owner, EEC Certified director, and also a teacher. This provides a high level of accountability and personal attention for you and your child.   We have small classrooms sizes and only a few teachers.

Free Programs and Events  Bright Stars Preschool views itself as part of the community and partners with parents, local businesses and professionals whenever possible to enhance the curriculum and offer free events and programs. Currently this includes CSA from the local organic farm, Free Preschool Fitness Classes during the day, Fall Fest, and more events are planned.  Please see our blog and calendar for details on upcoming and past events.  Blog  Calendar

Safety is Important too  The lower half of all the classroom windows have been frosted to protect the privacy of the children inside while still allowing light in.  There is a secured entryway with a pass coded door, which is changed every three months.  There is also a cellular based alarm system with a door camera for security.

Convenient Scheduling  Bright Stars offers a full day schedule, Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and is open year round. The school is conveniently located on Route 138.  Scheduling is flexible and there is a full day for working families or a shorter day option. Later 6 pm pick up may be available. Hours

A Breath of Fresh Air  Large outdoor play area, with no commercial climbing structure, is safer for kids and the wide open space allows for more freedom of movement, sports, and imaginative play.  It is larger than the required size and it has ample natural shade.  The preschool is on a private wooded lot with beautiful views of the local organic farm directly across the street.  This provides many opportunities for firsthand experience and interaction with nature.

Call Today (508) 238-4571

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