Outdoor Nature Classroom is OPEN

After several months of planning, fundraising, coordinating volunteers and hard work, the Outdoor Nature  Classroom is open and in use by Bright Stars Preschool students.  It is heart warming to see the students rush to the garden beds each day to see what has ripened that they can pick and eat.

Students love playing in the Fairy Garden, rearranging things to make it more appealing to fairies.  There are strawberries and edible flowers such as Nasturtium and Bachelor Buttons.

There is a vegetable garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and beans.  This garden is labelled “Mr. McGregor’s Garden” to link it to literature and The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  There is a rabbit statue on the preschool grounds that is going to be placed in the garden some night soon so the children can discuss the book.  The students get very excited when they see a cucumber ready for picking or a tomato ripening.

There is a Sunflower House which is linked to the book “The Sunflower House.”  Next year it will be planted earlier in the season so it will be taller by the Summer.  The log stump seating is used every afternoon for Story Time, and each week a new item is placed in the middle of the seats and is related to a learning challenge.  Recently there was a bird’s nest engineering challenge and a literacy story telling challenge.

All of the plants in the garden beds are organic and were donated by the Langwater Farm.

This entire project was a collaborative effort and Bright Stars would like to thank all who fund raised, helped build, donated funds or other items such as fencing and flowers.  This includes our preschool families, the Easton Garden Club, F.A.R.M., the Easton DPW and AllSafe Deleading.

Outdoor Nature Classrooms are becoming more popular to connect students to nature and healthy eating.  Read more here.

Bright Stars has openings left for September, schedule your tour today!



















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