Bright Stars Outdoor Nature Classroom Project

Bright Stars Preschool is very excited to announce plans to create an Outdoor Nature Classroom!

Nature Classroom Plans
Nature Classroom Plans

Phase 1:  Target completion date July 2014

Two Raised Garden beds:

#1 -Pick and Eat veggies

#2 -Fairy Garden

White picket fencing to be installed in addition to existing play area

In ground pollinator beds:  Sunflowers and bean huts

Natural log stump seating for children

Fundraising for this project has been very successful so far thanks to the dedicated parents who have worked hard selling Hilliards’ chocolate bars.  Staff, Parents, friends and family will all be pitching in to get the this project installed in late Spring.

Watch for progress updates!

Read more about the benefits of Outdoor Nature Classrooms here.

Schedule your tour today! 

Existing Play area
Existing Play area
Panoramic view of back
Panoramic view of back

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