Preview Bright Stars’ Curriculum

What are the preschool children doing all day?  How are they learning?  What are they learning?

At Bright Stars Preschool, parents are emailed a detailed weekly curriculum by Monday morning.  The curriculum contains a weekly theme, which is linked to a general monthly theme.  There is a letter of the week, Mathematics focus, new books added to our reading list, and a list of activities that pertain to the relevant subject areas of English  Language Arts, Mathematics, Health Education, Science, Technology & Engineering, and The Arts.  The weekly activities are also directly referenced to the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences  written by the Massachusetts Department of Education.  If they wish, parents can look up the specific guideline that is the learning objective of each activity.

Further, Bright Stars’ preschool classrooms are mixed age group, so each child is able to learn at their own pace.  Learning activities beyond what is already planned are added for pre-kindergarten students who have mastered the preschool activities.  Phonics, sight words, and advanced Math is added.  Parents and teachers have been discovering that even the younger 2.9 age preschoolers have started picking up on pre-k work such as sight words, which would not typically be taught at that age!

See one week’s sample curriculum below and schedule your tour today!

Click here for the curriculum:  April week 1




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