Help Us Decide on a Tagline

Bright Stars Preschool needs a tagline or slogan……  Something that summarizes what we offer.  Bright Stars believes that healthy, natural environments and experiences facilitate learning and development.  We have an organic snack menu, take walking  farm visits, share our organic CSA with our families, and are developing gardening programs.

Our indoor environment is cozy and homey, the original structure having been a house.  We are a very small, owner operated school with mixed age classrooms, free coffee for our parents and family events.  Our play area is surrounded by conservation land and is naturally shaded and wide open with a soft moss floor.  Across the street we have picturesque views of an organic farm.

Finally, our comprehensive detailed curriculum is hand written each week by the Director, individualized for each child and personally emailed to the parents weekly.

Whew.  So please help us put that in a tag line!  Vote for your favorite or come up with your own.  Thanks for your help!


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