Holiday Donations Still Needed!

Bright Stars Preschool is sponsoring a family through My Brother’s Keeper Christmas program.

Our generous families have already committed to purchasing several gifts for our sponsor family.  I barely had the information posted at pick- up time and our Moms immediately took several of the gift tags to purchase toys and clothes for this family.  I am so grateful to have such wonderful families involved in our preschool.

However, several gifts remain, and diapers are also needed.  If you live locally and can help, please message me at  I think this is a valuable lesson to young children during the holiday season.  When we are all overwhelmed with shopping advertisements, Black Friday craziness and endless toy commercials, it is helpful to be reminded that there are many others who are less fortunate than us.

Regardless of religious affiliations, cultural beliefs, or societal judgments, these may be the only gifts these children get on Christmas.  The American Santa Claus image is hard to escape.  My Brother’s Keeper reminds us that the parents are included on the list because children asked if they could give a gift to their mom or dad.

Gifts are due by December 8th so please don’t delay.

Thank you and I wish you all a relaxing Thanksgiving and a joyful Holiday season.


Melissa DePasquale, Director

Here is some information about this program:


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