Preschool Happenings: Pumpkins/Organic Snacks/Bucket Book

What’s New at Bright Stars Preschool:

Trip to the Farm

Last week our students enjoyed Pumpkin Picking at Langwater Farm.  Farmer Kate gave them an organic apple, lent us a wagon, and talked to them about the organic vegetables they saw growing on the farm.  If you look at the pictures, you can see Bright Stars Preschool in the background.  The farm is directly across the street!

wagon2 Pumpkin patch 1 pumpkin patch 2

Bucket Book

During the month of September we read “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”  by Carol McCloud.  This popular book is used in the public schools to help students understand how their actions toward others can affect a person’s sense of happiness or emptiness.  We drew buckets and everyday  the students were asked during Circle Time if anyone filled their buckets the previous day.  Student’s responses were written on a star memo and put in their ‘bucket.” Our preschoolers quickly grasped the concept and were informing their parents on the weekends if their “buckets” were being dipped or filled.  Available on .

Bucket book 2

Organic Item Added

This week the chocolate milk was officially switched to Horizon Organic and I found Health Valley Multigrain Strawberry Cobbler cereal bars.  Organic items will be added as often as possible.  Don’t forget, we purchased a Winter CSA from Langwater Farm and will picking up the organic harvest weekly starting in November.

Lots of great activities coming up in the next weeks including a field trip to NRT’s Sheep Pasture, our Halloween Party, and other surprises for parents.  Keep updated by subscribing to our blog here.


One thought on “Preschool Happenings: Pumpkins/Organic Snacks/Bucket Book

  1. You ladies are doing an amazing job, blows my mind how much she has learned in such a short time.. couldn’t have picked a better preschool. 🙂


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