The leaves are falling all around Bright Stars Preschool….. and so are the rates!

Enrolling your child in preschool for the first time is a big decision.  We understand.   Maybe this will help.


Bright Stars Preschool is pleased to offer you

50% OFF your first month’s tuition.

Rates start at $240 per week for full time.

Call for an appointment!  508-238-4571

Offer expires Oct. 31, 2013  One per family.  
Can not be combined with the Shorter Day Special or any other discounts.
This coupon must be presented with enrollment packet.


And to be honest, this will probably never happen again.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enroll your child in Bright Stars Preschool.  All required forms, documentation and permissions must be completed.

2. First week’s tuition at the reduced rate is due up front with enrollment packet.

3. At the end of the four weeks, if you choose to continue with regular enrollment, $75 registration fee and last week’s tuition at the regular rate will be required.  Tuition will continue to be due on Friday for the following week at the regular rates.

4. If you decide not to continue, we will  just need a quick note in writing and we’ll say thanks for trying us out! Hope it was fun!

Is your child ready for preschool?  Probably.  Here is a very well written article.    (But keep in mind that potty training is not a requirement and we can handle changes discretely).


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