Volleyball Players Wanted!

Bright Stars Preschool is setting up a team to participate in F.E.E.E.’s volleyball tournament on Friday November 22, 2013 at 5 p.m.  (or 5:30 if needed). We need 8-10 players,  two must be female, so please consider joining us! High school age and older, all skill levels welcome! The tournament will take place at Oliver Ames High School, and and a free t-shirt will be provided to players.

This will be fun time for all and will benefit F.E.E.E., The Foundation for Excellence in Education in Easton. Founded in 1989, F.E.E.E. raises funds for state-of-the-art technology and innovative teacher grants for Easton’s schools.

For more information about F.E.E.E. and the tournament please click here.

Ms. Melissa is definitely playing, which should be interesting.  Ms. Linda will also be there so if you would like to bring your children, she can keep an eye on them while you play.  Sets are twenty mintues long.

If the night ends early enough Bright Stars Preschool might be able to treat the players to dinner after the game!

To sign up please contact Melissa at (508) 238-4571 or email me via the contact form below.



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