Getting Kids to Drink Milk

Super Healthy Snack Menu

Bright Stars Preschool is committed to establishing healthy habits at an early age.  A satisfying, healthy diet enhances growth, strengthens immunity, and enables learning.

We don’t have a “milk license” (something to do with the septic) but offer three different flavors of milk in individual serving containers.  In our opinion, a little bit of cocoa or vanilla added to milk is a much better idea than the amount of sugar and artificial colors in juice.  Concerned about the sugar?  Horizon Organic Vanilla milk gets its sweetness from organic evaporated cane juice and organic vanilla flavor.  Organic Valley 1% Chocolate milk is sweetened with Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar and Organic Dutch Cocoa.

Still don’t like the sugar?  Perhaps you could take a look in your child’s lunch box.  Is there a sugary snack or juice that could be eliminated?

Interestingly enough, we offer chocolate, vanilla, or plain 1% milk to our preschoolers and they all have started choosing just the plain white milk.  We keep the other offerings on our snack menu and on hand, but all of our children currently do not choose the flavored milk.

This article explains the process:  Why Does Organic Milk Last Longer?

We use the single serving “shelf stable” milks which have been pasteurized using the UHT process. UHT stands for “Ultra High Temperature.”  There seems to be some controversy over this process, but it is approved by the USDA.  Basically this process just pasteurizes the milk at higher temperatures to eliminate all of the spores.  The only real side effect I could find was that this process affects the flavor, making it taste a little sweeter.  If you have ever sipped the foam off the top of your cappuccino I imagine that is a good comparison.

Read some opinions here:  UHT discussion thread

If you have a special request for your child we will do our best to accommodate it.  Spring water is always available to the preschoolers.

Our juice is served only once in the afternoon, and children are asked if they would like juice or spring water.   We offer “Pure Fun” juice which is 100% juice with no artificial colors.  We currently have fruit punch but due to the lack of coloring it looks like the color of apple juice.  Read more about this juice here:  Pure Fun Juice

Getting kids to eat and drink healthy is easier when you offer more than one choice, do not pressure, and repeated exposure.

See our monthly cycle menu with a selection of fruit, baked goods, vegetables, dairy, and hummus here:  Snack Menu


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