Parent & Child Fitness Class was a Success!

Nine children and four parents participated in this 30 minute class.  Everyone had a great time and got lots of exercise and fresh air.  It was such a beautiful Fall morning, the leaves were coming down from the trees.  The large play area at Bright Stars Preschool was the perfect size for this activity and the soft moss/grass that is growing under the shade of the wooded back drop provided a nice cushioned surface.

Bright Stars will be offering a Preschool Fun Kids fitness class conducted by R, Dayne Prothero at no charge to parents as part of our regular curriculum beginning this Fall.  As part of our commitment to healthy habits, beginning in November we will start collecting our Winter CSA from Langwater Farm.  The preschoolers will be walking over weekly (weather permitting) to the farm and collecting our harvest.  The harvest will be divided among the children and sent home for your family to enjoy!    Again at no extra charge.

We have a lot of  other exciting events and free classes in the works, so be sure to subscribe to our blog or check back often for updates.

Thanks Dayne for a great time and a lot of exercise!  We will be looking forward to your next class.

See the pictures here:  Event Photos


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