Free Parent & Child Fitness Class Sept. 21st 9 a.m.

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be a real challenge. Most parents are just too tired and need all the rest they can get during the infant stage. Exercise frequently takes a back seat even after the child gets older and parents start getting caught up on their rest. Figuring out how to fit exercise into your schedule, finding a gym, getting your child comfortable with the babysitting room or finding someone to baby sit while you workout adds additional obstacles. Getting into a regular work out routine can be challenging enough on its own, but parents of young children face additional obstacles.

One way to fit exercise into your day is to get creative and involve your children. Jog strollers can be expensive but are a popular option. Finding used ones at consignment shops is a one way to defray the cost, but they are in such high demand that they are often hard to find.  Reviews of Jogging Strollers

Finding ways to work out with your child is another option. This is also good for your child. If they are not already involved in any structured physical activities, you will notice that children are more relaxed and usually sleep better with regular exercise.

Join us at Bright Stars Preschool this Saturday Sept. 21 st as R. Dayne Prothero, a certified youth age coach and personal trainer shows you how to exercise with your children. The class is for ages 2.9 – 5 years and will run from 9:15 – 9:45 a.m.

We will have a yogurt and water available. Melissa DePasquale, Director of Bright Stars Preschool will be available to discuss our commitment to promoting healthy habits at a young age.Space is limited, so reserve your slot at 508-238-4571 or:


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