**Update***  Bright Stars Preschool closed its doors permanently in 2016.  The Director has joined the team at Arrii’s Learning Academy in Canton, MA which shares the vision of eco friendly practices and nature programs.  Please give them a call at (781) 562-0975 for any childcare needs for ages 6 weeks – 5 years.  Hope to see you!

There is an Outdoor Classroom with white picket fencing and raised garden beds.  Students grow organic fruits and vegetables and can pick, eat, and take home the harvest.  The garden beds and other plants and natural elements are linked to children’s literature to spark imaginative play while interacting with nature.  Beyond the outdoor classroom is a wide open play space with bicycles, balls, play houses, sand table, and other play equipment.

The snack menu is organic and healthy.  Bright Stars serves organic milk, natural juice, spring water, and as many organic and fresh foods as possible.

The curriculum is carefully written by the Director and is emailed to parents weekly with reference to the Massachusetts Preschool Learning Guidelines.  In addition, a nature experience curriculum written by Project Learning Tree is used for 1o weeks of the year.

Walking field trips to the Langwater Farm take place once a week in season, and Bright Stars purchases Langwater’s full season CSA for the families to enjoy.  Students visit the farm stand and take home a different organic vegetable each week to try at home.

In school programs are taught by the local librarians, community helpers, and NRT’s Sheep Pasture program.

Bright Stars Preschool can accept children from ages 2.9-8 years.  It is open year round, Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-5:30 pm.



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